A Fast, Secure, & Reliable Crypto Exchange


What are BEX tokens?

BayEx (BEX) token is the native token of Bayex exchange. It offers users a potentially useful range of features.
It can be used to reduce the trading fees.


Bayex is intuitive and easy-to-use.


Our responsive design and interface makes it easy to trade.


Bayex is built as a secure trading platform. We utilize cold storage and strict firewalls.


We have one of the lowest trading fees in the industry. The fee is just 0.1% per trade for both BUY and SELL orders.


Get Commissions by inviting users.

Members may use a referral link to invite new users and earn commission fees based on their referrals.

VIP Bronze


per referral trade

  • 5-10 Referrals needed
  • to get
  • 10% Commission Fees

VIP Silver


per referral trade

  • 11-20 Referrals needed
  • to get
  • 20% Commission Fees

VIP Gold


per referral trade

  • 21-50 Referrals needed
  • to get
  • 30% Commission Fees

VIP Diamond


per referral trade

  • 51 - Referrals needed
  • to get
  • 50% Commission Fees

The Team

Isak Altun

Isak Altun

  • Isak Altun found very early that he was eager to learn all about computers and how the software works as well as the hardware. He began to create DOS games (developed in Qbasic) when he was around 10 years old. He graduated as a civil engineer and has since 10 years back worked with software engineering. He loves to help people when they get ideas to find a solution for them. Isak, also known as Anoxy (Anoxxxy) has worked together with Jeremy McNamara in 2014/2015 by creating a mining pool ( He has also worked with Bitbay and has developed their web wallet and the multisignature Texas Holdem Poker game (download the White paper here). Isak loves the blockchain and finds it very fascinating that it is in control of the people and wants to bring it further.

Jeremy McNamara

Jeremy McNamara

  • Jeremy McNamara is an serial entrepreneur, developer and security advisor. He dropped out of college to launch a startup in the VoIP/Telecommunications market and was featured in Forbes magazine. He has also previously worked for large companies including Yahoo! ($AABA) and Pandora Media ($P). Having discovered Bitcoin in 2012, he and a small team started development on an FPGA based SHA-256 (Bitcoin) mining rig. After evaluating the costs involved with development of an ASIC based solution, he moved on to develop and host several AltCoin mining pools (including with Isak Altun). He has recently been researching Blockchain technology in the IOT space and writing/auditing smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson

  • Ben Wilson has over 25-years of experience as a developer and technical application designer. Some of the industries he’s worked in include banking; software distribution and licensing; and traditional marketplaces and exchanges. He majored in Philosophy in college because he enjoyed studying logic but gravitated toward a career in technology because it provides people with an opportunity to solve complex problems with code, and he loves being part of that process.

    In addition to developing Lynx, he also owns a web-hosting company ( He takes pride in the concierge-level customer service his company provides, and in the long-lasting relationships he builds with his customers.

Omid Beigi

Omid Beigi

  • Omid Beigi is the senior developer at and this is a bit of copy about him. Being in love with programming his whole life, he started learning different languages and obtained his first degree in Visual Basic at his 13th. As always a derivative philanthropy characterized his spirit, he taught programming for 2 years in different nonprofit institutions. Intrigued with open-source communities, he developed open-source web-accounting systems while he was studying bachelor of computer engineering. In 2017-2018 he was motivated to further his career and went on to make a name for himself at Bayex team, in order to pursue his passion for making the world being led by its own people.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the security features?

Upon registering, a public key will be generated from your credentials. A private key is needed to login, trade, and withdraw funds.

How is the private key stored on my web browser?

Authentication data is only stored during your online session. Once you log out or close the browser, all the data is removed.

When will the multisig wallets be added to Bayex?

The 2-of-2 multisignature wallets (where the user holds a private key and the server hold the second private key) will be added in year 2019 eliminating hacks like MtGox, Mintpal, Cryptsy, etc.

What about Privacy?

We do not disclose data to 3rd parties.

What are the withdrawal limits?

The daily withdrawal limit is 10 BTC.

Where are you located?

We are a global team of developers from Europe, the Middle East, and North America.